Cabinets range in size from 7cm and larger.  Large specimens
that can stand on their own or bring focus to a collection.
#  OBS-2           Millard County, Utah
Interesting black Obsidian specimen.
9cm x 7cm x 7cm                $1.25
#  AZU-1           Unknown location.
Nice seam formation of Azurite with matrix.
9cm x 4cm x 4cm                $2.75
#  CHA-2            Garfield County, Utah
Nice coloration Chalcedony (Agate) specimen.
Mostly  reddish browns.  Great for cabochons.
7cm x 4cm x 3.2cm              $1.75
#  9673-2
Interesting combination of Azurite and
Conichalcite are displayed in the specimen.
Unknown location   $1.75
9cm x 4cm x 3.5cm             
#  4337-1
Petrified wood with interesting
Unknown location.   $2.75
11cm x 2.5cm x 2cm              
#  122211-4           Garfield County, Utah
Chalcedony (Agate) specimen
with a wide variety of colors.  Great for flint
napping, tumbling, cabochons.
11cm x 8cm x 7cm              $2.75
# 9110-84
Fabulous matrix specimen of Sherry Topaz
combined with pale Amethyst. There are
numerous singly terminated Topaz
and the main Topaz is double
terminated.  There are
some nice Hematite blades on
the specimen also.
Thomas Range, Utah   $45.00
13cm x 11cm x 7cm
# 9110-82
This specimen has it all! Double
and single terminations, fantastic clarity,
variations of color, and vugs
lined with crystals.
Several Sherry Topaz and numerous
Hematites abound this Rhyolite
matrix covered with a pale
Amethyst and Calcite. This would make an
outstanding addition to any collection.
Thomas Range, Utah   $40.00
9cm x 7cm x 6cm
# 9110-80
Unique specimen of pale Amethyst covers
this Rhyolite matrix. Several
Sherry Topaz are scattered through the
Amethyst making for a very
appealing display specimen. The Topaz
are singly terminated with gemmy
Thomas Range, Utah   $27.75
10cm x 6cm x 4cm
# 9110-81
Sherry Topaz, Amethyst and Calcite
make up this nice vuggy
matrix specimen.
Thomas Range, Utah   $6.25
9cm x 7cm x 5cm
# 9110-79
Superb Sherry Topaz and pale Amethyst.
The Topaz features single terminations
with good clarity. There are
some Hematite blades throughout
the matrix of Rhyolite.
Thomas Range, Utah   $7.00
8cm x 5cm x 4cm
# 9110-85
This is an excellent Hematite and
Pseudobrookite specimen.
It features several blades that show how
fragile and thin they are.
Thomas Range, Utah   $18.50
10cm x 7cm x 4cm
# 9110-83
Large matrix specimen of Sherry Topaz, Hematite Blades, Pale Amethyst
and Calcite are displayed over a large area of vugs.
Intertwined growth of the various minerals is displayed
in a unique and fascinating way.
Magnificent specimen.
Thomas Range, Utah   $37.45
13cm x 11cm x 10cm
# 61512-32
Nice Hyalite (var:Opal-AN) specimen with
an interesting botryoidal pocket.
Thomas Range, Utah   $ 6.75
14cm x 8cm x 5cm
# 61512-34
Hyalite (var:Opal-AN) specimen displays
well under ultraviolet light.
Thomas Range, Utah   $ 8.75
12cm x 10cm x 8cm
# 61512-33
Same specimen of Hyalite (var:Opal-AN), 3
different views.  Very nice all around
ultraviolet specimen.
Thomas Range, Utah   $ 13.75
11cm x 10cm x 9cm
# 61512-35
Hyalite (var:Opal-AN) specimen with a fantastic
botryoidal  vug.
Thomas Range, Utah   $ 15.25
16cm x 9cm x 7cm
# 122211-8           
Chalcedony (Agate) specimen
with a nearly black coloration.  Great for flint
napping, tumbling, cabochons.
Garfield County, Utah     $1.75
8cm x 5cm x 2cm              
# 71512 -4
Very nice formation of
dog tooth Quartz.
Sevier County, Utah     $5.35
12cm x 7cm x 6cm     
# 4337-4
Nice piece of Petrified Wood
Unknown location  $5.00
11cm x 8cm x 4.5cm