12" Brown Trout on an
artificial sand base.  
Measures 12" long x 11"
high x 9" wide. $210.00
12" Rainbow Trout taking a  
hand tied fly.  Measures 14"
long x 16"high x 9" wide.
12" and 9" Cutthroat Trout.
Measures 23" long x 14"
high x 11" wide
Single Humming bird with a
flower.  Measures 8" long x
9" high x 4" wide.
Single Humming bird with
two flowers.  Measures 8"
long  x  16" high x 9" wide.
All wood sculptures are one of a kind.  Each piece is hand carved and hand painted to represent the natural
beauty of the specimen being portrayed.  Great care is given to the selection of driftwood  and habitat material
used to provide an enhancing beauty to the carving.  Please contact for custom creations.
Wood Sculptures